Communication protocols for synthesis, analysis, and measurement modules are now available. (In cooperation with Tectos Co., Ltd.)(2022/3/19)

A stl file for printing sample holders using a 3D printer is now available.(2022/3/3)

Drawings of the cluster system at Hitosugi & Shimizu Laboratory (prepared by Pascal Co., Ltd.)
3D CAD files for sample holder are available. (stp ,jpg, pdf)
Please contact Hitosugi(hitosugi -at- for further information.

BJ1702-001E holder assembly diagram

BJ1702-500A10 substrate holder

BJ1702-500A □10 substrate holder

BJ1702-501A mask holder

BJ1702-502 mask for full surface deposition

BJ1702-503 soaking plate

BJ1702-504 mask for Hall-bar electrode deposition

BJ1702-505 mask for Hall-bar deposition

BJ1702-506 pin1

BJ1702-507A pin2

BJ1702-508 solder stage

BJ1702-509 holder transfer fork